Project from your laptop or device to a TV (using Chromecast)


Casting from my laptop to any TV via HDMI dongle (chromecast) – a whole new way to project to a TV, I am doing this right now – affordable and simple

  • With Chromecast, you can project presentations and documents from your PC, perfect for training sessions and meetings. You can share one internet screen or your complete desktop screen.
  • Or you can cast from your phone and use it as your personalised remote control. You can use it to search and browse, play, pause, rewind, control the volume.
  • While casting, you can use your laptop/tablet/phone for other things when projecting one tab. Others can cast to the TV using their own phone or tablet too – with no additional setup.

 You can now capture the entire screen (experimental)

CapturescreenProject a YouTube video or schedule multiple video to your TV screen

IT Transformation


Increasingly users are interacting with applications using personal and mobile devices driven by user preference, gains in work life efficiencies and ability to collaborate with coworkers real-time.

Users are no longer tasks workers, they are demanding and evolving, wanting access to business applications from anywhere, challenging the status quo.

IT departments are providing access to corporate systems in a controlled manner, enabling universal access to applications and data from one to many devices.

Enabling communication and connection to business people and applications on one to many devices can provide user autonomy, assist in business growth by getting the most out of workers in and outside of traditional business hours.

Globally 53% of workers purchase applications for work with their own money, according to Forrester Group.

Communication and change is continuous, users are more proactive and demanding, wanting access to applications via the cloud through secure encryption from any to many devices real-time, anywhere is the world.

“A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” — Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, the U.S.

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HP Chrome Box released in Australia

HP Chrome Box Build a more effective office with the affordable HP Chromebox to help keep you and your business productive. Access Chrome Web Store and customize your HP Chromebox with the latest apps, tools, extensions and themes:

  • fast start-up and browsing
  • access to cloud-based productivity apps
  • storage
  • access email
  • create documents
  • edit presentations
  • video conference with Google Apps

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A competitive edge in the workplace – interaction brings progress

Some years ago content was only shared through email, phone and paper based methods.

Human behavior this year, past and beyond is only increasing with the use of new media and collaboration technologies.

Todays generation, likes to know what’s happening, receive and see progress updates, as they happen real-time, learn and collaborate with peers and external stakeholders.

Enabling workplace interaction in a work environment and improving accessibility to workplace tools, has proven to increase inputs and outputs by many organisations. Enabling personnel to improve responses, to collaborate with peers, to function seamlessly, in turn positively impacting levels of services to internal and external stakeholders.


How do you manage and enable workforce sharing and interaction in your workplace?

Todays generation of workers have developed habits and have an expectation in the workplace, to be enabled to produce and excel beyond immediate business expectations, to function in an efficient enabled manner within a controlled and secure environment.

This is what gives companies a leading edge, those that don’t utilise online collaboration, may be left behind.

Whether people bring their own device, want to share learnings, share documents, use online messaging, utilise video or phone calls online, or simply interact with other staff members online in a secure way. Real time collaboration has become a business necessity to maximise work effort and to gain a competitive edge in the workplace. 

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Schneider Electric and HP will integrate StruxureWare for Data Centers with HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB).

Schneider Electric and HP will integrate StruxureWare for Data Centers with HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB).

DCIM and IT Service Management (ITSM): this integration will enable communication and reconcile asset data between these solutions platforms. Read more Press Release: Schneider and HP Collaborate DC Mgt

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VALUE OF IT = Well managed and delivering a positive business impact

Create unique value and contribution to business, then outline the execution of the IT strategy.

  • IT goes beyond the byte, service or storage, look at the business impact (productivity) as the central source of business value
  • IT value comes from a sustained change in business performance rather than a single transformation
  • Recognise and report on the source of IT value: business performance over time
  • Compare performance in the current period with past performance
  • The EBITDA/IT FTE used over time communicates the core value and leverage of IT

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