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The Right Source of Technology: it enables the way you work; assists your team to reach your business goals; delivers an edge; positively impacts business results and is cost effective.

IT goes beyond the byte, service or storage, look at the business impact (productivity) as the central source of business value.

  • IT value comes from a sustained change in business performance rather than a single transformation
  • Recognise and report on the source of IT value: business performance over time
  • Compare performance in the current period with past performance
  • The EBITDA/IT FTE used over time communicates the core value and leverage of IT

Which technologies are you considering to enhance your business performance in the next 12 months?

IT Value

Organisations are increasingly being forced to achieve more with less. 

Moving into 2023 businesses are planning on replacing old legacy systems, as vendors continue to release technology standards for the mid-enterprise markets, they are proving to enable the way businesses operate and improve the work environment significantly. 

IT Environment ~ Business Plans ~ Direction and Landscape

Businesses are reviewing there existing environments, business plans and direction of the business. Leveraging technology where the solution fits, plotting a technology blueprint to positively impact business results for the immediate and long term. How are you utilising technology to give your business an edge? Have you been able to positively impact business results with a cost effective solution? What’s your thoughts on technology in today’s market? Build a business case to support your IT initiatives.

business case development approach

The following are key items for businesses today:

  • Governance & Compliance
  • Business Resilience
  • Improve management and automation
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Realtime reporting

What are your business goals for the next fiscal year? Technology is assisting businesses to change the game, transform the way their business interacts with internal and external stakeholders – culture, process, productivity and enabling significant improvements to the way business is transacted. Are you or should you be considering improving IT in your business? improvement is an ongoing process, business should always be challenging the status quo, if they don’t their competitors will be.


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