Project from your laptop or device to a TV (using Chromecast)


Casting from my laptop to any TV via HDMI dongle (chromecast) – a whole new way to project to a TV, I am doing this right now – affordable and simple

  • With Chromecast, you can project presentations and documents from your PC, perfect for training sessions and meetings. You can share one internet screen or your complete desktop screen.
  • Or you can cast from your phone and use it as your personalised remote control. You can use it to search and browse, play, pause, rewind, control the volume.
  • While casting, you can use your laptop/tablet/phone for other things when projecting one tab. Others can cast to the TV using their own phone or tablet too – with no additional setup.

 You can now capture the entire screen (experimental)

CapturescreenProject a YouTube video or schedule multiple video to your TV screen