Personal Systems

Users have access to cloud based web-based tools and apps, that allow them to access information, one to many devices any-time and anywhere.

The demand in the today’s market place and moving into 2014, can be defined in 5 pillars:

  • End-User Computing
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Software Defined Data Centre
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Security

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Microsoft Rolls Out Student Advantage, Giving Students Free Access To Its Office Suite

Well done Microsoft, giving Students Office 365 at $0, for students whose educational institutions utilising Office 365 for there staff and faculty already. This is a significant bonus!

The benefit of Office 365 is that you can use it on several devices, including your mobile under one user login, accessing information is more convenient for the travelling user today. Office 365 increases efficiency and the flexibility to work from many devices with a pay per month fee.


Network managers are asking for a system with dynamic reporting and monitoring functionality, advanced automation features that puts time back in the pockets of their network and security department. Read more @ Security.

Disaster Recovery & Business Resilience

Reviewing risks, thinking about uptime, resilience for your infrastructure and your people is important. Read more @