• balanceSecurity – yes, it can be a balancing act
  • Right tools – having these in place, can help us protect our network and reduce risk
  • Network security landscape – it is continually changing and evolving, businesses need to continue to review and adapt

Endpoint security and mobile device management: through one unified cloud console – Sophos Cloud, Free Antivirus 30 day trial [click here]. Sophos Security – see how the Sophos Cloud works: Windows, Mac and mobile, together at last.

Need to secure your network?

  • Application Risk and Visibility Report can be conducted to see what is actually happening of your network. See related blog: Security
  • Businesses are enhancing their infrastructure with virtualisation technologies and taking advantage of cloud computing where it makes sense
  • IT managers still need to protect there networks from targeted attacks and sophisticated threats with security methods that are easy to use and sophisticated
  • Network managers are asking for a system with dynamic reporting and monitoring functionality, advanced automation features that puts time back in the pockets of their network and security department. A security system that is services oriented, delivers high performance, supports a virtualised environment and protects the network against modern threats


See related blog: Security

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