Infrastructure Management Platforms

HP has released HP OneView software, which is converged infrastructure software for HP BladeSystem platform and Proliant Generation 8 servers. It provides a single management tool, through a license model. It has benefits and features such as:

  • accelerated operations
  • reduced costs
  • reduced manual errors
  1. Dashboard – allows users to view the entire data centre
  2. Mapview – examine the relationship between devices, connections and status,
  3. Activity Feed – assisting administrators in finding and fixing problems, communicating and collaborating through a single view
  4. Single view – see tasks, hardware alerts and notes

Material available

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IDC Expert ROI Achieving Organizational Transformation with HP CI Solutions This IDC report describes the cost reductions and staff productivity realized by a financial services institution when they implemented HP converged infrastructure solutions for software-defined datacenters. They realized $5.3M in annual savings. (386 KB) download

Schneider Electric and HP will integrate StruxureWare for Data Centers with HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB).

Schneider Electric and HP will integrate StruxureWare for Data Centers with HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB).

DCIM and IT Service Management (ITSM): this integration will enable communication and reconcile asset data between these solutions platforms. Read more Press Release: Schneider and HP Collaborate DC Mgt

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Backup and Recovery

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Gain the benefits of a fully-featured storage array without dedicated external storage. Turn any Microsoft or VMware virtualized server’s internal and/or external storage into virtual shared storage.

HP StoreVirtual VSA, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a flexible shared storage solution that scales as needed.

Enhanced—HP StoreVirtual VSA

  • StoreVirtual VSA is an agile, scalable shared storage solution
  • It can help reduce storage costs by up to 80%
  • Agile — Create an instant Converged Infrastructure with data mobility
  • Efficient — Reduce data center and remote office costs
  • Scalable—Grow on demand to meet new virtualization challenges
  • Highly Available—Support data high availability across multiple location
  • Flexible new product offerings range from 4-to-50 TB capacity
  • Rapid installation – Once downloaded, installation and configuration is simple and can be done through HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager or a vSphere client
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We need to start thinking differently, drive innovation and capability, by positively encouraging business growth and enabling an always-on collaboration piece.

Having access to the best tools, keeps the best people, helps reduce risk in a business, keeps a business accessible and contact centres available at all times.

Some items to think about in your business:

  • Are you enabling teleworking and mobility for workers?
  • Are you enabling your team to clearly communicate with their customers and colleagues realtime?
  • Can employees plug in to resources at anytime to get information, talk, share desktops, files and collaborate easily, which will ultimately drive growth?

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VALUE OF IT = Well managed and delivering a positive business impact

Create unique value and contribution to business, then outline the execution of the IT strategy.

  • IT goes beyond the byte, service or storage, look at the business impact (productivity) as the central source of business value
  • IT value comes from a sustained change in business performance rather than a single transformation
  • Recognise and report on the source of IT value: business performance over time
  • Compare performance in the current period with past performance
  • The EBITDA/IT FTE used over time communicates the core value and leverage of IT

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Disaster Recovery & Business Resilience

Preparedness ~ Response ~ Recovery ~ Back to Business

All businesses need the ability to respond and recover from an interruption, whether planned or unplanned to a point in time, so they can continue to operate. Even planned disruptions, without solid recovery mechanisms can be disastrous.

Backup of critical data, is important to any business, big or small, as any loss or downtime of systems can significantly impact a business’s capability to continue to transact business.

A disruption needs to be responded to timely and remedied efficiently, to prevent prolonged periods of interruption and/or loss of revenue. 

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  • Specials on physical and virtual firewalls in Feb 2014.
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