Disaster Recovery and Business Resilience

Preparedness ~ Response ~ Recovery ~ Back to Business

Backup of critical data, is important to any business, big or small, as any loss or downtime of systems can significantly impact a business’s capability to continue to transact business. See Backup

A disruption needs to be responded to timely and remedied efficiently, to prevent prolonged periods of interruption and/or loss of revenue. 

estimated downtime costs for business

All businesses need the ability to respond and recover from an interruption, whether planned or unplanned to a point in time, so they can continue to operate. Even planned disruptions, without solid recovery mechanisms can be disastrous.

Many components can impact a business’s ability to recover operations, including but not limited to, our participation in the planning process, conducting risk assessments, complying with regulatory requirements, compliance, company and staffing awareness and behaviour, training and tools, documented plans and review methods.

Structured methods, systems and tools can assist in the preparedness for a disruption, so a business can respond efficiently and effectively with minimal downtime.

Proactive management of critical IT resources includes: capacity planning: right sizing, optimization and decreasing mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Businesses need to be prepared for an emergency, as disruptions small or significant can impact their capabilities to provide crucial businesses services and access critical data.


The Sound of Silence 

Reviewing risks, thinking about uptime, resilience for your infrastructure or a place to relocate your people to maintain key operations?

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