Protection and Uptime

Sustainability and uptime of building and infrastructure has become a necessity for 24×7 businesses operations requiring a efficient enterprise.

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How to protect your critical infrastructure 24X7 [click here for EMAG] Businesses are aiming to reduce energy bills, environmental impacts, reduce the downtime of operations and protect critical data and infrastructure from disruption. They are beginning to take control of their energy use, monitoring their environment with innovative integrated solutions. From a simple control system to a centralised building management system, switching to energy efficient lighting and reducing energy usage.

When it comes to monitoring proactive is the only way to go

[Click Here for quick video]


Remote Monitoring Service in action [Click here for Statement of Work] Trained technicians can monitor the health status of the physical infrastructure to help diagnose, notify and resolve problems before they become critical.

Note: Schneider Electric and HP will integrate StruxureWare for Data Centers with HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB). DCIM and IT Service Management (ITSM): this integration will enable communication and reconcile asset data between these solutions platforms. Read more Press Release: Schneider and HP Collaborate DC Mgt

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