Gain the benefits of a fully-featured storage array without dedicated external storage. Turn any Microsoft or VMware virtualized server’s internal and/or external storage into virtual shared storage.

HP StoreVirtual VSA, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a flexible shared storage solution that scales as needed.

Enhanced—HP StoreVirtual VSA

  • StoreVirtual VSA is an agile, scalable shared storage solution
  • It can help reduce storage costs by up to 80%
  • Agile — Create an instant Converged Infrastructure with data mobility
  • Efficient — Reduce data center and remote office costs
  • Scalable—Grow on demand to meet new virtualization challenges
  • Highly Available—Support data high availability across multiple location
  • Flexible new product offerings range from 4-to-50 TB capacity
  • Rapid installation – Once downloaded, installation and configuration is simple and can be done through HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager or a vSphere client

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