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Picture5Gartner is predicting, 40 percent of the global workforce will be mobile by 2016. I have defined the demand for technology, as we move into 2014 with 5 pillars:

  • End-User Computing
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Software Defined Data Centre
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Security

End User Computing:

IMG_8562Personal Systems need access to the business network efficiently and securely. Users have access to cloud based web-based tools and apps, that allow them to access information, one to many devices any-time and anywhere. IT departments are becoming more agile, innovative, responding to the internal and external market.



HP released a Chrome Box, a small-form-factor desktop will include a Core i7 processor and it is available in four color choices (more information coming soon, snapshot look below).

HP Chrome Box Quickspecs

Build a more effective office with the affordable HP Chromebox to help keep you and your business productive. Access Chrome Web Store and customize your HP Chromebox with the latest apps, tools, extensions and themes:

  • fast start-up and browsing
  • access to cloud-based productivity apps
  • storage
  • access email
  • create documents
  • edit presentations
  • video conference with Google Apps

Accessory: Graphics Connectors/Adapters HP USB Graphics Adapter(NL571AA)



Put a SMILE on your workforce and increase productivity with an all rounder. The HP Revolve 810 swivel screen is convenient for presentations during sales and general meetings and great for the busy and mobile user. Watch the 2 minute overview above, click ‘Play’ Note: New Haswell processor model has been released!

I personally find it lightweight, bundled with touch functionality, easy to use increasing my productivity, making the Revolve, an all in one all rounder device, that proves to be versatile, user friendly and a great companion for the travelling user. Read more on this model via Mobility.


HP have released the HP Pro x2 612. The tablet has an inbuilt stylus, it is a 2 in 1 tablet/laptop. Although the HP Revolve 810 has a revolving screen and all in one device and a sleek look and feel. The battery life on the HP Pro x2 612 G1 Tablet packaged with the power keyboard extends the battery life up to 15 hours according to HP data sheet below.

For those Tablet users, you can purchase HP Pro x2 612 G1 Tablet or 2-in-1 detachable with a power keyboard and travel keyboard option. Data Sheet



HP Pro 600 G1 Small Form Factor Desktop

HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Ultra-slim PC




HP Elite 800 G1 All-in-One PC Quickspecs

Business leaders are engaging IT leaders in strategic business planning, seeking advice in the evaluation process, aiming to improve the businesses capabilities to maximise real-time market opportunities.


Leaders have found Personal Systems are not just a tool, today they are an enabler to the business, transacting business fast and securely, whilst improving user Mobility.

No longer can businesses afford to only replace a device when it fails, having staff use personal systems that are over 3 years old is no longer plausible. Businesses are saying it is time to improve traditional work practices, enhance productivity, collaborate real-time ( Collaboration ) with the utilisation of intelligent systems. They are replacing manual and cumbersome processes with web-based tools that are proving to positively impact the end user experience, significantly enhancing the workplace experience and in-turn improving user input and output results (overall user TCO).

Desktop transformation and right sizing your devices on the network.

Businesses are consciously evaluating extending virtualisation to the desktop, which brings many advantages, such as increasing user productivity and user manageability across the IT platform.

User types

  • Taskworkers: Basic data entry + one or two applications
  • Productivity users: Standard office productivity tools like email & document creation
  • Knowledge workers: multiple applications with requirements for business graphics and rich media
  • Power users: Simultaneous compute-intensive applications requiring graphics performance
  • Workstation Class Users: Highest CPU & accelerated graphics performance



HP Thin Client Family data sheet

HP t310 Zero Client

HP t310 Zero ClientQuickspecs

  • Processor: TERA2321 PCoIP Zero Client
  • Memory: Standard 512 MB DDR3 SDRAM,
  • Graphics: Graphics integrated on processor
  • Ports: 4 USB 2.0, 1 RJ-45, 1 microphone, 1 headphone, 1 speaker, 1 power connector, 1 DVI-D, 1 DVI-I, (Two of 4 USB 2.0 ports used for keyboard and mouse)
  • Protocols: VMWare Horizon View through PCoIP

HP t510 Flexible Thin Client

HP t510 Flexible Thin Client:  Quickspecs

  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard 7E 32
  • Processor: VIA Eden X2 U4200 1 GHz
  • Browser supported: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Memory: standard 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 x 4 GB)
  • Graphics: VIA ChromotionHD 2.0 integrated graphics


t510 Thin Client Protocols: Citrix HDX, Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, Microsoft RemoteFX (RFX), VMware Horizon View, through PCoIP, VMware Horizon View through RDP, (Protocols are dependent on operating system installed) 

HP t620 PLUS Flexible Thin Client

  • HP t620 PLUS Flexible Thin ClientQuickspecs
  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard 7E 32
  • Processor: AMD GX-420CA Quad-Core APU with AMD Radeon HD 8400E Graphics 2 GHz
  • Memory:  4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 X 4 GB)
  • Internal drive: 16 GB MLC mSATA SSD
  • Graphics: AMD FirePro 2270 (512 MB)


  • t620 Thin Client Protocols: Citrix ICA; Citrix HDX; Microsoft RDP; Microsoft RemoteFX (RFX); VMware Horizon View through RDP; VMware Horizon View through PCoIP

“BYOD” brings many of benefits for businesses. Employees are bringing innovation to businesses, bringing their own personal laptops, tablets, smart phones to the office. BYODWireless

Businesses gain efficiency, increased collaboration and a happier workforce. The marketplace is enabling users with the provision of apps to access work applications on the move and to respond to internal and external customers real time 24×7.

Leaders need to consider the impact to security, network bandwidth and confidential data. SecurityNetworking


Check out HP’s new range of Notebooks, thinner and lighter. I use and recommend the HP Revolve 810 Laptop, Tablet for the traveling user. Mobility


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