BYOD & Wireless Network Segregation

Provide a positive WIFI experience on your own wireless network and assist your business to improve business operations.

Are you after technology that enables you to communicate, gather intelligence, improve services to network users?

Still pondering how you enable, manage BYOD and guest devices on your corporate network, in a secure and segregated manner that allows you to control, what they access on your network, enable bandwidth limits, security and policy management.

Request a business consultation, which provides you with options from a wireless, telecommunications and security specialist, to reduce any complexity and improve your network efficiencies.

  • Manage BYOD, Guest devices and Onboard Users to Corporate or Public Network
 images (4)
  • Wireless Network that is Secure and Segregated
 images (7)
  • Controls and Manages Access onto your Network
 images (1)
  • Enables bandwidth limits to user types
  • Security and Policy Management
 images (7)
  • Easy to Use, User and Management Interfaces
 images (1)
  • Communications (internet and fibre) Services
  • Installation, configuration, adhoc and managed helpdesk options
At the same time:
  • Enable and communicate
  • Gather intelligence, to better service users
  • Positive WIFI experience on your own wireless network to assist your business operate seamlessly.

gartnerGartner is predicting, 40 percent of the global workforce will be mobile by 2016. A major concern by many organisations is protecting data when personal systems travel off premise, but by enabling staff mobility you could gain up to a 47% increase in worker productivity, according to stats published by Source: Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cisco Systems, February 2012. View all of Gartner Magic Quadrants, click here

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Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is driving several IT initiatives, as it becomes the new norm in the workplace. Businesses are needing to deliver content and mobile applications to any device, wherever the worker is located.

BYOD brings new security challenges, control of the networks and communications is challenged.

Did you know that the number of wireless devices on the network is predicted to reach a 7:1 ratio by 2016?

Networks continue to be have their corporate network bandwidth requirements being stress tested by mobile users, making faster bandwidth demands a top priority for the IT access Network.


Wireless, Security and BYOD management

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