Flexible agile networks, enable retail chains to offer new and innovative promotions and services to retain customers and attract new ones.

See the story of how grocery store retailer TOPS Markets and HP worked together during the busy retail season to bring newly-acquired stores’ infrastructure and applications online.

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Whitepaper Big Data and Analytics in Retail: Unlocking Hidden Opportunities

Aruba AP KFC: checkout your local KFC store and jump onto the the wireless network with Aruba



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Promoting specials, services, encouraging customer to walk into your store through wireless advertising.  [For more wireless info., click here]

Build a cross-platform mobile application from the ground up.

Business are capturing their audience through the use of location based mobile experiences. The Mobile Technology Platform for Retailers


Turn-by-turn directions to departments, brands, and products make shopping fun & easy. Knowing a customer’s in-store location allows for relevant & timely offers.


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