Competition is creating technology adoption in an evolving market, as machine-generated data is becoming part of the norm.

Make Big Data work for you! Having access to this data is good. Analyzing this data in a timely fashion, to clean actionable insight is priceless.

Tim Campos, CIO Facebook talks about BigData. Interview, main points:

  1. Have a balance between ‘speed’ and ‘scale’
  2. Having the ability to analyse options to increase revenue
  3. Humans being need each other to be successful, we generally all like to be social and interact with one another.
  • Insights can tell where interests are
  • 700 million people log into Facebook everyday
  • HP Vertica builds an environment to retain a years worth of data, analysts reviewing revenue every hour rather than every day
  • HP Vertica can reduce the cycle time of data
  • Some things can be reviewed in seconds for business analysts review, which enables the business to gain more insights to improve revenue streams

Improve how you use Big Data, as it can:

  • Drive the cost out of IT
  • Drive value for your firm
  • Create data assets, that help drive value to the business


  • Determine what data assets exists
  • The relationships within the company, e.g. email
  • Build systems to help pursue data mining that is appropriate for your business
  • The new role if IT, you need to have ‘passion’
  • Make information available for the firm

The Role of the CIO today, should it be called?
Chief Innovation Officer/Chief Influencing Officer

Relevant Publications

Businesses Spending on Big Data Marketing but Not Hiring for It

By Thor Olavsrud

CIO – A report by data-driven marketing specialist Infogroup Targeting Solutions found that companies are continuing to ramp up their spending on big data marketing initiatives in 2014 (62 percent of companies expect their big data marketing budgets to increase).

“Big data implementation is a multi-year process that requires sustained investment in technology and talent,” McRae says. “To maintain momentum, marketers need to create an intentional roadmap because big data cannot be tackled in a day.”


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