IT has evolved, it has become a ‘Value Centre’, improving speed to delivery, efficiency, security, business communication, performance to support business growth.

Businesses are enabling scalability through converged infrastructurehybrid cloud solutions, next generation security, virtual desktops (improving flexibility and reducing internal IT costs on deployment, break fix and management).

The following are hot items on corporate agendas:

  1. Customers want energy efficient data center to reduce business operating costs, see Data Centre: Uptime and Sustainability (24×7)
  2. They are looking for Mobility Applications that capture their audience
  3. Reduce infrastructure demands, needed to support business applications, see below.

Mobility Applications: Build a cross-platform mobile application from the ground up.

Business are capturing their audience through the use of location based mobile experiences. The Mobile Technology Platform for Retailers

Reduce infrastructure demands: VMware is changing the way IT interacts with businesses, reducing days of deployment to hours, as fast as businesses can with a software defined data centre. VMware online demos click here

Virtualisation is 3 phases:

  1. Basic VMs – test development and non-production-critical VMs are virtualised.
  2. Mission critical VMs – critical servers e.g SQL, Oracle, SAP, Exchange (VMware’s research says, approx. 54% of companies are in this stage in 2013).
  3. IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) – Cloud computing (private, public, or Hybrid, VMware’s research says, 21% of companies are in this stage in 2013).


Manage endpoint security and mobile devices from one unified cloud console.

Sophos Cloud, Free Antivirus 30 day trial, Manage endpoint security and mobile devices from one unified cloud console [click here]

Sophos Security – see how the Sophos Cloud works: Windows, Mac and mobile, together at last.

Other items: 

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